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Do for custumers not us

Welcome to Shane's World site!

 Hello, our saying at Shane's World is ''For the Customers not us'' Our business is very interesting. You may read about Shane's World and some of it's branching businesses.

Shane's World is an effective business to socioty and community in West Kittanning, PA. In my opinion Shane's World is an over all success, not to brag. Shane Stouffer, the owner thinks so and same with all his employees.
Shane's World also has branching businesses. Some are Matt's World, the FAITH GIVERS. The FAITH GIVERS are a Christian band that is trying to make our town a better place.
Matt's World is a business that raises money for needy & poor people. Its main goal is to end world hunger.
Another business is the Seeking Eye ran by Kol Lazoroff. It helps the underprivliged people. You may not notice but there are actually all over our State.

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